Electrical Engineering

At Valley Engineering, we understand electrical systems require careful coordination with the owner, architect, other design disciplines, and the local electric service provider. Our designs consider space lighting needs, lighting types, switch locations, receptacle locations, telephone and data needs, service size and type, emergency power, egress lighting, and site lighting. We also pay close attention to ceiling grid layout and the placement of lighting fixtures relative to sprinkler heads, diffusers, and other ceiling mounted devices. It is often overlooked in electrical systems design that lighting goes beyond simple illumination. Our engineers carefully review lighting levels and lighting arrangement to determine the appropriate use for each respective space. We provide accent lighting when needed and can complement the building architecture with specific fixture selections coordinated with the architect to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. We will also consider sustainable “green” lighting ideas as we analyze lighting types, day lighting, and lighting controls. Completed electrical designs carefully coordinate your present and future electrical needs to allow room for expansion while keeping a watchful eye on installation costs.

Electrical Services

Interior and Exterior Lighting Design
Lighting Control Systems Design
Normal Building Power Systems Design and Distribution
Emergency Power Systems Design and Distribution
Over Current Protective Device Coordination Studies
Arc Flash Studies
Arc Flash Protection Training
Evaluation of Existing Normal and Emergency Power Systems
Electrical Systems Specifications
Energy Efficiency Studies
Fire and Security Alarm Systems Specification and Design
Data and Communication Systems Specification and Design
Lightning Protection
Instrumentation Controls
Sound System Design
BIM Collaboration

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