Transportation Engineering

Valley Engineering’s team of professionally licensed transportation engineers are ready to help guide your project, no matter the size, through any obstacle you may face. Whether you are interested in rezoning or developing a land parcel, want to analyze future parking needs for a place of business, or just need to improve circulation throughout your existing site, we can help. Due to state and local regulations, a traffic impact analysis (TIA) will often be needed for rezoning requests, special use permit applications, and proposed new construction. Valley Engineering has the expertise and familiarity with governing principles to prepare comprehensive studies of this nature, as well as the personal relationships with regulating authorities to complete this process in a timely manner. Once complete, we will assist you in negotiating fair and reasonable mitigation consignments, and we can even help you negotiate shared financing where appropriate. Our staff is capable of handling virtually any of your transportation needs, and welcomes the opportunity to serve you.

Transportation Services

Traffic Impact Analyses (TIA’s)
Parking Analyses
Roundabout Design
Roadway Striping and Signage Plans
Signal Installations and Phasing plans
Signal Timing Design
Maintenance of Traffic and Work Zone Protection Plans
New Roadway Construction Plans
Existing Roadway Widening Plans
Construction Sequencing Plans
Traffic Signal Warrant Analyses
Traffic Calming Design
Limited Access Breaks

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